‘CAKE’ my new solo show for 2019

Oval House showing rehearsal

‘CAKE’ is my newest work where I explore┬áthe downside of longevity and coping with ageing.

  • The script was developed as part of SOHO Theatre’s Writer Development Programme in 2017/18.
  • The opening of the piece was then developed for solo performance as part of Oval House Theatre’s Adult Company in 2018.
  • It is now in further development and I will be looking for partners to work with from January 2019, as well as opportunities to showcase and test the piece as it develops.


Liz feels old, but her father-in-law is bloody old. He wants to die quietly in his own home, and Liz wants to give him that, but as he crumbles she is forced to seek alternative ways for him to end his days. The play looks at the social care system and how we value life past its use-by date.

‘Are you happy Bill?’


This is Liz’s story of her struggles with her own ageing, and her efforts to give her father-in-law Bill the end he wants. This is a solo show with Bill being played by a giant teddy bear to show his helplessness. Direct address and audience interaction is used throughout as questions are explored such as ‘what is old age?’

‘What is old age?’


The audience is put in role several times as decision makers such as social workers, making Liz more and more a bystander in what happens to the man she deeply cares for. Liz’s husband John is part of the story, but never seen onstage as I want to show how women are often forced to be primary carers for elderly relatives.

Bill loves cake.

Are you a Producer or a Director who would like to work with me to develop this piece? I have a good track record of gaining ACE funding and am looking for partners to move this piece forwards in 2019.


Click on the image below if you’d like to see a video of the opening ten minutes of the piece as it was when I presented it for an invited audience at Oval House Theatre in December 2018. Talk to me if you’re interested in developing this piece of solo work that looks at the issue of ageing.

Video Link